Company Profile
TCPACK is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and operation. It is committed to providing high-reliability multi-chip module packaging structure solutions and customized integrated packaging shell products for global system-in-package customers. The company was established in August 2017 with a total registered capital of 10 million USD.


Enterprise Strength

Passed the high-tech enterprise, ISO9000, ROHS, REACH and other certifications;

TCPACK is committed to providing high-reliability multi-chip module packaging structure solutions for global system integration packaging customers, and creatively integrates functional SOP system integration packaging shells composed of a variety of complex materials and temperature gradients through a variety of interdisciplinary technologies. , from the perspective of the package shell to solve the high reliability requirements of the package module such as structural support, optoelectronic feedthrough, isolation shielding, airtightness, thermal management and environmental adaptability protection, providing customers with a system package with higher integration density and more reliable requirements. A convenient and reliable way to realize a wide process window, greatly reducing the difficulty and threshold of multi-chip module system integration packaging.
Resource input and production capacity
The company is committed to building an industry-leading advanced packaging material application technology system, integrating upstream and downstream core resources, and has initially formed a core technology chain and related industrial chain based on cross-disciplinary materials, processes, and design. As of August 2021, the first phase of the company's chip module SOP system integrated packaging project has invested 10 million USD, with a research and development and production site of 8,000 square meters. At present, 1.6 million pieces of various types of integrated packaging can be achieved per year. According to the company's development plan, it will exceed 3 million pieces per year and 5 million pieces per year in 2022 and 2023, respectively.
Technology R&D and Team

The company has a new technology research and development center and a technical engineering department, which respectively conduct research and development on new materials, new process applications and SOP standardized packaging to ensure that new technology research and development and batch products are carried out simultaneously.

The core team comes from well-known research institutes, such as California Institute of Technology.

Technical achievements and development planning

At this stage, the micro-assembly and micro-package markets have shown a trend of rapid development, and new materials and new processes are constantly being introduced. New soft and hard brazing processes such as tin, gold germanium, tin silver copper and silver copper have been widely used.

The company's core technical team closely focuses on the application of the above advanced packaging materials to carry out technical research, and forward-lookingly proposes the concept of SOP system integrated packaging, taking the system as the design object, emphasizing the integration of circuit design and integrated manufacturing, and the compatibility of process materials with structure and circuit integration. SOP is compatible with SOC, MCM, SIP and other advanced packaging technologies. Through composite material application and efficient thermal management design, the specific requirements of high density, high power, miniaturization and low cost of chip packaging modules are realized, reflecting the integrated design and integration Manufacturing systems integration thinking.

Through years of technical accumulation and scientific and technological research, the company has correspondingly equipped with heat-adaptive mold design, structural reliability finite element analysis, microwave radio frequency simulation, brazing and sealing, surface coating, precision machining, HTCC high temperature ceramic technology, etc. Core design and process technology.