Pump source laser package
Product description
Pump source laser package
the integrated package micro-deformation is controllable.
Pump source laser package design usually uses metal ring frame directly fused seal glass feed joint, bonding or high temperature brazing anaerobic copper heat dissipation plate structure.Under the air tightness requirements, the ring frame and the heat dissipation bottom plate need to be soldered. This kind of packaging package products have relatively high requirements for package integrated brazing micro-deformation and gilding process control. Supporting large size cover plate adopts reinforced structure to meet the requirements of cover stress.
When the ring frame and bottom plate of larger cavity are brazed, the air tightness requirement of large size cavity is high and the flatness requirement of bottom plate is high;
Package feeding through adopts the glass direct melting sealing process to meet the needs of ultra-high heat adaptation. If necessary, a ceramic bead brazing structure may be used.
The coating of the package can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the user's micro-assembly process, which can meet the welding process of gold tin, gold germanium and different atmospheric conditions.

Design drawings