Power electronic module package
Product description
Power electronic module package
large load flow, can be embedded in the heat sink structure.
The package is usually made of 10# steel material, but can also be kovar alloy material. This type of packaging package products use stable and reliable integrated brazing and glass melt sealing technology. The lead adopts anaerobic copper solid structure, and the current carrying performance of a single lead is greater than 200A. The cover plate adopts the step cover structure, but the reinforced cover design can also be adopted according to the actual assembly requirements to meet the different sealing processes such as parallel seam welding and laser welding.
The package feed through adopts flat and side lead structure, and the L-type lead can be customized according to the requirements.
The embedded thermal sink structure for the bottom of the package, generally can choose molybdenum copper, tungsten copper and other high thermal conductivity materials.
The coating of the package is usually lead gold plating, package and cover plate nickel plating, which can meet the 24H salt spray resistance requirements.