T/R component package
Product description
T/R component package
take into account thermal adaptation, light weight, heat dissipation and other performance parameters.
Companies of this type of package provide thermal management, micro-assembly process adaptation, structural reliability design, LTCC, HTCC ceramic circuit substrate brazing thermal stress analysis and other services in the structure design stage. If necessary, users/customers can participate in the package structure scheme discussion or provide preliminary solutions during the project development stage. The supporting cover plate can be designed according to the actual sealing process of the user, which can meet the different sealing processes such as laser welding, electron beam welding and parallel seam welding. If necessary, it can provide targeted weight-saving design or the design of reinforcing cover plates .
The package can be made with aluminum alloy, silicon aluminum (including gradient silicon aluminum), kovar or carbon silicon aluminum bottom plate brazing titanium alloy ring frame according to user’s needs. The illustrated sample adopts gradient silicon and aluminum composite material, which can fully take into account the micro assembly process requirements of different areas of the mono-block chip welding surface and the sealing surface.
The package usually adopts gold tin brazing high and low frequency joints to ensure the joint air tightness and welding permeability. The illustrated sample is customized with integrated high and low frequency connector functions and installed with the reinforced heat sink structure according to the specific requirements of the user. If necessary, customized high and low frequency joints can be provided separately.
The coating of package is generally divided into full gold plating and local gold plating, which can meet the welding process of lead and tin, gold and tin, gold and germanium and different atmosphere conditions. If necessary, the hydrogen removal process can be added before the package delivery. RF filter package: chamber of small size, reliable coating.

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