optical modulator package
Product description
optical modulator package
at DC-32GHz, the reflection loss is -15dB max.
The package of the modulator usually adopts cavity type stainless steel magnetic shielding package, brazing high and low frequency feed pass structure or ceramic high frequency differential feed pass structure, with optical fiber coupling interface on the side, GPPO, FPC adaptation.This type of packaging package products can meet the high-speed transmission requirements of more than 25Gbps. The supporting cover plate adopts the step cover structure to meet the parallel seam welding process.
The illustrated sample uses FPC to replace the high-frequency connector and integrates the low-frequency ceramic feed-through components, which achieves low reflection loss.
After mass production, stainless steel powder can be adopted to metallurgy integrate molding belt catheter cavity structure.
The coating of the package adopts lead or bonding area and package area to realize low cost control.

Design drawings