Flat DC/DC power sealing package
Product description
Flat DC/DC power sealing package
High load current、high withstand voltage
The power supply package is usually made of low-cost 10 # steel material, and it can also be made of kovar alloy materials under special requirements. Packaging package products use a stable and reliable pressure type glass melt sealing process. Supporting step etched cover plate meets the requirements of parallel seam welding, and the cover plate can be customized and strengthened according to user needs. The illustrated sample uses 5.08㎜ joint side to lead out the copper core composite lead, which can meet the requirements of 10A large load flow.
The package feed-through structure can be customized according to the actual needs.
The coating of the package is usually lead gold plating, package and cover plate nickel plating, which can meet the 24H salt spray resistance requirements.

Design drawings