WSS package
Product description
WSS package
large cavity, low cost.
The package adopts metal cavity brazing or melt seal feed through assembly, optical tube structure.WSS package cavity is usually large, generally using the kovar alloy plate 6-side welding cavity structure (if the cavity is small, low cost aluminum alloy overall processing structure can be adopted). The large size cavity integrated through high precision mold design can greatly reduce the material cost and machining cost. The production process of these package products is complex, difficult integration and high cost control requirements.
Package feed through can be brazed ceramic high-density feed pass components or glass high-density feed pass components and brazing high-speed lead parts. If necessary, the glass lead line can also be fused directly on the package.
The bottom of the package can be designed embedded heat sink structure; heat dissipation materials generally select molybdenum copper, tungsten copper; the highest thermal conductivity is up to 260W/m.K.
The coating of the package is usually lead gold plating and package nickel plating, and the optical conduit is used for non-eutectic welding directly on the package nickel layer, greatly reducing the cost.