Infrared sensor metal package
Product description
Infrared sensor metal package
can achieve large size optical window reliability brazing.
The package design usually uses metal ring frame embedded ceramic feed through components, brazed vacuum catheter, metal heat dissipation bottom plate structure, supporting germanium window or sapphire window cover plate.Package products meet the requirements of air tightness and thermal insulation packaging through the complex cavity integrated with high precision mold. Synchronous supporting of high and reliable light window cover plate, to meet the parallel seam welding process. If necessary, the optical window cover plate can be specially designed for the strong mechanical impact requirements of the sensor module.
The package feed-through component adopts HTCC high-temperature ceramic design structure, which effectively increases the lead density and air density reliability, and meets the miniaturization needs of the package module. Under special requirements, the glass melt seal feed through structure can also be used.
The heat dissipation bottom plate of the package generally adopts tungsten copper, molybdenum copper, CPC and other high heat dissipation materials, with the highest thermal conductivity of 260W/m.K.
The coating of the package can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the user's micro-assembly process, which can meet the requirements of lead and tin, gold and tin, gold and germanium and different gas Welding process in the atmosphere conditions.

Design drawings