Image sensor ceramic package
Product description
Image sensor ceramic package
miniaturization, thermal insulation, low cost.
The package is made of ceramic cavity internal brazing metal hot sink, external no wire packaging structure, synchronous matching with high reliable germanium window or sapphire window cover plate.Cover plate sealing can be selected as soft and hard brazing or glass melting sealing process.This kind of ceramic package products meet the requirements of specific indicators, compared with metal package products have more miniaturization, thermal insulation and cost advantages.
Ceramic package can be divided into two structural forms: metal sealing transition ring and ceramic metallization layer direct sealing according to the sealing surface structure. Generally, small size sealing surface or low cost requires ceramic metallicized layer brazed cover plate design, and large size sealing surface needs to be covered by metal transition ring.
Provide prefabricated welding sheet light window cover plate.

Design drawings