Power chip package
Product description
Power chip package
custom metal seal ring ceramic seal.
The package design usually adopts ceramic ring frame high temperature brazing kovar alloy metal sealing ring, metal heat dissipation bottom plate structure, shape structure, size and feed pipe foot number can be customized. This kind of packaging package product adopts a stable and reliable high-temperature brazing integration process, which can meet the requirements of rear channel micro-assembly and parallel seam welding process. The illustrated sample shows a 4-side 28pin power chip package structure with a sealing surface size of 15㎜ x 9㎜.
The heat dissipation bottom plate of the package usually adopts kovar alloy material, or higher performance heat dissipation material according to the actual power dissipation demand.
The coating of the package can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the user's micro-assembly process, which can meet the welding process of gold tin, gold germanium and different atmospheric conditions.
The cover plate adopts the step cover structure to meet the parallel seam welding process.

Design drawings