Microwave power module package
Product description
Microwave power module package
small cavity, high power.
The package usually adopts metal ring frame high temperature brazing ceramic radio frequency, current feed assembly, metal heat dissipation plate structure. The overall structure, size and number of current load and RF feed pipe pins of this package product can be customized. The supporting cover plate adopts the flat cover structure to meet the parallel seam welding process. The illustrated sample shows a 6pin microwave power module package structure with a sealing surface size of 10㎜ x 7㎜.

RF Transmit Port Insertion Loss Example

RFRF transmit port VSWR example

The ceramic process is HTCC, which meets the X band requirements and the highest K band index.
The heat dissipation bottom plate of the package adopts CPC, CMC, tungsten, copper, molybdenum, copper and other high heat dissipation materials, with the highest thermal conductivity of 260W/m.K. If the Cu-Dia material is used, its thermal conductivity is up to 580W/m.K.
The coating of the package, planar and other parameters can be customized according to the characteristics of the actual micro-assembly process, which can meet the requirements of the automatic micro-assembly process.

Design drawings