Multi-chip RF function module package
Product description
Multi-chip RF function module package
high package integration, convenient and reliable micro-assembly.
When designing the package, designers need to combine the characteristics of the actual micro-assembly process; they need to comprehensively consider the package feeding, radio frequency, thermal management, electromagnetic shielding, reliability and environmental adaptability protection in the chip layout stage, and the passive circuit components can be further integrated if necessary.If necessary, the package should be verified through microwave simulation after being designed.
The package has comprehensively integrated the thin film, thick film, HTCC, PCB, glass melting seal, soft and hard brazing and other multi disciplinary process technology. In the illustrated samples, as a shielding structure, the HTCC RF feed-through can meet the Ku band index at the highest, and the mono-block’s direct glass melt-sealed RF feed-through insulator can meet the RF performance of DC~40GHz.
The bottom of package is designed with embedded heat sink structure, usually using tungsten copper, molybdenum copper, CPC, Cu-Dia and other high heat dissipation materials, and the highest thermal conductivity of this structure is up to 580W/m.K. The supporting cover plate of the illustrated sample is composed of inner and outer parts. The interior is a screw-mounted shield cover, and the exterior uses a step cover plate to meet the parallel seam welding process.
The coating of the package involves electroplating, plating, island electric connection and other professional technologies, which can meet the welding process of lead and tin, gold tin, gold germanium and different atmosphere conditions. If necessary, the package will be dehydrogenated.

Design drawings