RF filter package
Product description
RF filter package
chamber of small size, reliable coating.
In the design of package, user performance index, miniaturization requirements, structure reliability and rear assembly process should be comprehensively considered. This type of filter packaging package products can achieve better cost control, smaller cavity size, higher working frequency. The supporting cover plate usually adopts the step cover structure to meet the parallel seam welding process.
The package material can selected kovar alloy or 10# steel according to the user’s requirements, and the package structure usually adopts direct glass melting seal RF feed structure, which can meet the RF performance of DC~40GHz. The RF feed components can also be brazed if requested. The Illustrated sample adopts L-type lead direct glass melting sealing, which needs to ensure that the lead grounding is good, and the glass melting sealing technology has high requirements.
The coating of package can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the user assembly process, which can meet the welding process of gold tin, gold germanium and different atmosphere conditions.

Design drawings